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Operation Cuppa Joe’s Education Mission Is To Build Character, Leadership, Values, Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Gratitude, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity And Personal Courage Through Student Troop Support Services Helping All Military Branches Stateside And Abroad. Operation Cuppa Joe Works With Military And Non-Military Students, Educators, Parents And Communities To Create Strong Children So We’re Not Fixing Broken Adults…

Does It Work:
2014 CNN Heroes Nominee
2014 Points Of Light Award Honoree
2014 National Jefferson Award Nominee
2014 Army Community Covenant Founder
2014 Congressional Youth Award Advisor
2014 Presidential Service Gold Award
2014 Presidential Service Lifetime Achievement Award
Year 6 Working On Nobel Peace Prize Program

Operation Cuppa Joe’s Secondary Mission Is To Set Up Military Family Support Clubs In Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges And Universities Throughout the US To Build Bridges Of Support From The Non-Military Community To The Military Community And Harness The Power Of 87,000,000 Students And 120,000 Schools Nationwide To Support Our Service Members, Military Families And Veteran’s Nationwide. OCJ Is A Certifying Member Of The Presidential Service Awards And Its Programs Qualify For High School, College, And University Volunteer Hours. Students Receive Presidential Recognition For Volunteerism.

Qualified Presidential Service Award Volunteer Programs OCJ Free Food Bank Program OCJ Free Horses For Heroes Program OCJ Free Educational Programs OCJ Free Military Kids Mentoring Programs OCJ Free Family Support Programs OCJ Free School Support Programs OCJ Free Community Support Programs OCJ Free Veteran’s Service/Support Program OCJ Free Service Member Resource Programs OCJ Free Military Family Resource Programs OCJ Free Veterans Resource Programs OCJ Free Music 2 Mend Program OCJ Free Sunburst Academy Support Program OCJ Free Yellow Ribbon Support Programs OCJ Free FACS/FANs/FRSA Support Programs

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Operation Cuppa Joe (OCJ) Is Launching The Pentagon’s Military Community Covenant In Irvine, California Joining Federal, State, Local  Governments And Communities Together To Support Our  Troops, Military Families And Vets.  The Community Covenant Program Is Designed To Foster And Sustain Effective State And Community Partnerships With The Army To Improve The Quality Of Life For Soldiers And Their Families. It Is A Formal Commitment Of Support By State And Local Communities To Soldiers And Families Of The Army – Active, Guard and Reserve And All Military Branches. While Community Covenant Is An Army Program, It Extends To The Other Military Services As Well, Recognizing That Many Community Efforts Support All Service Members And Their Families Regardless Of The Uniform They Wear. OCJ Will Engage Schools And Students To Serve And Support These Programs Through The Community Service And Volunteerism Programs It Has Created!


Operation Cuppa Joe Will Celebrate The Jackson County Community Covenant Signing With The Pentagon At Michigan International Speedway, Tuesday, Sept. 11th, 2014 During The 13th Annual Spirit Of America Blood Drive Benefitting Military Families. This Event Will Launch OCJ’s Jackson County Community Commitment To Support Our Service Members, Their Families And Veteran’s And Will Continue To Provide Year Round Outreach Through Free OCJ Support Programs And Events.     OCJ Will Extend Invites To The Ceremony To White House Dignitaries, Members of the House, Senate or State Legislature(s), The Army Community Covenant Team, Federal/State/County Dignitaries And Military Command Members, City Mayors, City Council Members, Service Organizations, Community Service Organizations, Community Collaborative and Service Groups, Business and Community Leaders.

Operation Cuppa Joe Congratulates  (Kaya-12, & Leyla 13) For Earning Their Fourth Straight Gold Presidential Service Award For Community Service, Troop Support And Student Leadership….Great Job!
2013 Presidential Service Awards

Operation Cuppa Joe Would Like To Congratulate Kaya C. For Being Nominated For President George Herbert Walker Bush’s 2014 Points-Of-Light Award For Volunteerism, Community Crusading And Military Support….
2014 Points-Of-Light Award Nominee

Operation Cuppa Joe Would Like To Congratulate Leyla C. For Being Accepted In the 2014 Congressional Youth Awards Which Is This Nation’s Highest Honor For Youth Volunteerism…Gold Medal Awards Ceremony Is In Washington, DC…


Operation Cuppa Joe CEO David Cook & Children (Kaya-12, & Leyla 13) Are Nominated For the 2014 CNN Heroes Awards For Student Troop Support And Leadership Programs Started At Pioneer Middle School Serving And Supporting Vets & Service Members Year Round…
OCJ Heroes


Operation Cuppa Joe 2014 Mission Statement…



Operation Cuppa Joe CEO David Cook Receives President’s “Call To Service” Lifetime Achievement Award From President Obama & White House With Over 4,500 Certified Volunteer Service Hours…2013_pvsa_call_to_service_award_605


Operation Cuppa Joe Students Begin Project Soldier Club Year Two At Pioneer Middle School For 2013/2014 School Year…..

Operation Cuppa Joe Club Rush For Project Soldier Club At Pioneer Middle School

Operation Cuppa Joe Club Rush For Project Soldier Club At Pioneer Middle School



Operation Cuppa Joe Club Rush For Project Soldier Club At Pioneer Middle School

Operation Cuppa Joe Club Rush For Project Soldier Club At Pioneer Middle School


Operation Cuppa Joe Club Rush For Project Soldier Club At Pioneer Middle SchoolOperation Cuppa Joe Students Kaya And Leyla Were Honored By US Army HET 1461 In Afghanistan By Flying US Flags For Them During Multiple Combat Mission…

OCJ Student Combat Certified Flags


Operation Cuppa Joe Congratulates Students Leyla And Kaya For Winning The Presidential Service Award For Volunteerism For The Second Year In A Row For Community Service Through OCJ Volunteer Programs… IMG_9172_605



Operation Cuppa Joe Congratulates Student Leyla C. For Winning Kohl’s Care Award $10,000 National Scholarship For Community Service Through OCJ Volunteer Programs.. Operation Cuppa Joe Kohl's Care National Award Winner

2013 OCJ Project Soldier Club Rush At Pioneer Middle School In Tustin, California 

OCJ Student Team Building Games With CNG Operation Ready Families Child And Youth OCJ Race On The Base Event At Joint Force Training Base OCJ Student Flat Jane & Flat Joe Project To Build Relationships With Troops Overseas Troop Packing & Beckman High School Troop Holiday Card Signing